Does your organisation develop technical products, processes or services for its own use or in order to sell these products or services?


Whilst delivering a project have you gained knowledge such that if you were to do the same project again you would do it differently?


Have your technical professionals ever faced problems for which they could not readily deduce a solution from what they already knew or what was already available in the public domain?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you should consider making an R&D tax claim.

R&D Tax Credit Claims

Service offerings

R&D Tax North West Ltd’s service offering can be broken down around the following areas:

  • Review of previous R&D Tax Credit claims to establish whether the potential client is claiming at or around the average or norm for their sector.
  • Scoping of potential R&D Tax Credit claims to establish anticipated levels of benefit that may be achieved and fees that would result.
  • Preparation and submission of R&D Tax Credit claims under either the SME, Large Company or RDEC schemes. [Note that from April 2016 the Large Co scheme will no longer be available.]
  • Liaison with the Client and HMRC during the period whilst HMRC are considering a claim prepared by R&D Tax North West.

Should an Enquiry be raised by HMRC into a claim prepared and submitted by R&D Tax North West then we will support the Client in their discussions with HMRC until such time as the Enquiry is closed.

Example Projects

Improving Development Routes for Motor Manufacture

In long established industries, such as motor machinery and drive component manufacture, it can sometimes feel like all avenues of research and development have been exhausted. However, when it comes

[

RD Tax Claim IT

Cash Incentives for IT Security R&D

As cyberattacks become an increasingly realistic threat, IT security professionals and software developers have no choice but to find more sophisticated methods to detect and prevent breaches. By identifying vulnerabilities

[

Carbon Fibre R&D Tax Case Study

R&D Tax Claims for Composite Manufacture

When victory depends on a fraction of a second, even the smallest enhancement of motorsport components can provide a vital advantage. With composite manufacture of autosport components, research and development

[

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